Mission Statement




Our goal is to provide both Financial Planning and Investment Management in a comprehensive, efficient, easy to understand manner.  We believe that our greatest strength is correctly interpreting a client’s financial plan so that we take the correct amount of risk with their assets. While this may sound simple, our experience has been that many advisors do not correctly gauge the risk their clients are taking.
A good analogy to describe our relationship to our clients is this: We believe that every client owns a company called, “My Retirement Inc.” The sole purpose of this company is to accumulate wealth and distribute it during the client’s retirement years. The client is the owner of the company; we want to be the CEO. We do not own the company, but rather are in charge of managing it for maximum efficiency. Like the CEO of a regular company, we are in charge of hiring and firing the employees of the company (the asset managers) to keep the company as profitable as possible to the owners. Just as CEO’s need to have strong vision, We never lose sight of the fact that it is not our company; we are simply running it at the request of the owners.  
Often times, clients will want to use multiple advisors to handle their assets. Unfortunately, the benefit of “a second opinion” is overshadowed by the problem of “to many chefs in the kitchen”. To carry the analogy over from above, companies both large and small have many products and services but they all only have one CEO for a reason.